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Fax broadcasting (sometimes known as Bulk Faxing or Fax Attack) is now a major method of promoting business products or services. You can send thousands of messages by fax in a very short space of time to multiple destinations within minutes of deciding on a promotion.

You simply create your flier your advertising message submit it to Central Messaging by e-mail or fax, and within minutes your message is hitting prospects desks.

Fax broadcasting is efficient, fast and economic.

Efficient you only pay for the faxes that are successful and the faxes can be targeted to your specific market place.

Fast Using the latest computer technology and many telephone lines Central Messaging can send more than 10,000 faxes in an hour.

Economic Faxing can cost as little as 1.5p per fax successfully sent and responses to faxing generate a high level of interest.

Unlike newspaper or magazine campaigns where copy is needed weeks in advance of publication, copy for a fax broadcast can be left till minutes before the fax broadcast is to start allowing prices and products to be amended with the very latest details. Fax Broadcasting is a wonderful way to clear old or excess stock especially if you are offering large discounts.

Fax Broadcasting is usually a method of catching the attention of the recipients and encouraging them to call, fax or e-mail for more information. Many companies now restrict their message to encourage prospects to look at their web site. A simple message on an A4 sheet can work wonders. The message is all important and Central Messaging can help you design a flier that will work.