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The criteria by which companies may be selected from the Central Messaging databases are:


For the UK: For all other countries:
By post code By post code
By telephone STD code By telephone STD code
By Yellow Page areas By region
By countries  

Business Groups Business Size
By business description
A limited breakdown into
small medium and large
companies but information
on the number of employees
is not available
By SIC codes  

As well as using any of the above criteria to select companies the criteria may also
be used to exclude companies.

Previously Faxed Companies

A detailed record is maintained of all the companies faxed for a client and the date the faxing was carried out. Clients are therefore able to request that companies previously faxed may be excluded from a new fax run or specifically selected for a new fax run.

New companies are regularly being added to the Central Messaging databases and a client may wish to select companies which meet their criteria but which they have not previously faxed.